If your trees could talk, they’d call us!

Our company is committed to the preservation of trees and people who love them. Our Arborists have dedicated their lives to learning everything there is to know about trees, so you don’t have to!

Tree care you can trust

Our Certified Arborists boast a combined 50 years in the tree care industry. This is how we ensure that every cut is the right cut. We will never try to sell you work that isn’t necessary to benefit your trees.

Proper Pruning

Happy trees do not require trimming every single year. Our goal is to create structurally sound trees that require less upkeep. Once we’ve gotten them on a regular maintenance plan, our clients typically only need to prune every 3-5 years.

Safe Removals

Even with the best care, there comes a time when tree removal may be needed. Our team is licensed, insured experienced and trained in the safest removal practices to guarantee that even the riskiest trees come down safely. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of your property.

Landscape Improvement

Our goal is to safely replenish the canopies in our community by planting the right trees in the right place. We're so committed to this cause that we are now offering a complimentary landscape Consultation on every tree removal project that takes place in 2022.

The Tree Lady Company

If your trees could talk, they’d call us.

Since they can’t.. you’ll have to call us for them. You can also find us here:

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